Available for models Pratic 12, Special, Panel, Elegance, Prestige, Invisible, for all non-projecting versions and for intensive condominium use.
Automation consisting of one or two electromechanical monoblocks with 24 V C.C. motor and an high resolution encoder, connected to the overhead door by two telescopic arms and equipped with an internal or external emergency release, controlled by the lock for handling in case of network failure.
De Nardi's multifunction electronic control unit equipped with various outputs for connection of peripherals such as:
• dynamic button for opening and closing 
• stop button 
• closing button
• opening button by photocells or metal mass detectors (inductive turns etc.)
• 24 V electronic flashing light
• base for two-channel radio receiver
• 24 V output for external peripherals supply
• second channel output 
• anti-crushing rib active for motion inversion command during closing
• photocells
• buffer batteries for emergency operation in case of network failure

The electronic control unit has a sophisticated stress profile detection system and automatic motor power regulation during the opening and closing cycle in order to limit the impact forces as required by curent legislation. To ensure the highest level of safety, different opening and closing speeds exist, performing the latter at reduced speed. At the beginning and end of the work phases, suitable acceleration and deceleration ramps were provided to minimize mechanical stress to the door and to the motors. A scheduled maintenance alert is also provided to the achievement pre-set work cycles. It is supplied wired, complete with power cable with "schuco" plug. It has also the possibility of timed automatic closing and motor power adjustment. The mobile door is supplied complete with 3-sided anti-crushing mechanical rib.

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