Available for models Pratic12, Special, Panel, Elegance, Prestige (Basic 16, Normal and Normal Plus) and for all non-projecting versions and for residential use. 
Automation consisting of one or two electromechanical monoblocks with 230V A.C. motor and an high resolution encoder, connected to the overhead door by two telescopic arms and equipped with:
• opening and closing limit switches
• internal and/or external emergency release (controlled by the lock) for handling in case of network failure. 
On-board electronic control unit with incorporated courtesy light (max 25W) and opening/closing button equipped with various peripheral outputs such as:
• key selector 
• photocells
• 230V flashing light
• exterior courtesy lamp (maximum power 250W, non neon)
• base for two-channel radio receiver 
• 3-sided anti-crushing mechanical rib
Automation is supplied wired for the peripherals described above with junction box to be fixed to the wall on the right side (internal view) and complete with power cable with "schuco" plug. The electronic control unit has a stress profile detection system and self adjusting of the power delivered to the motor during the entire opening and closing cycle in order to limit the impact forces as required by current legislation. It is also possible the timed automatic reclosure and the regulation of the motor power. The mobile door is supplied complete with 3-sided anti-crushing mechanical rib.

Limitation of forces











Un sistema elettronico regola la potenza dei motori, mantenendo le forze di impatto all’interno dei parametri di sicurezza.

Mechanical safety edge








Anti-crushing mechanical rib to protect the 3 sides.

Levers protection






Sicurezza e bellezza. Le leve progettate e posizionate come la normativa prestazionale richiede sono rivestite per armonizzarsi nella porta basculante.