Is the new generation of steel overhead doors that use the same covering of the sectional overhead door Sector 2, always interpreter in the exclusive De Nardi style. Available in the four aesthetic rapresented, with two surface variants (smooth or embossed) and a numerous range of standard and special ral colors.
The model PANEL is composed of panels of 49,5 and 61,5 for 4,2 cm of thickness. Composed of two opposing sheets of sendzimir galvanized steel and stucco embossed, wood and smooth; male and female profiled with anti-pinch shape. Inner and outer side with ribs for reinforcement longitudinal channels. Coupling without thermal bridge between internal and external sheet with insulating in polyurethane foam free from cfc injected with the foaming process continuously. With or without internal steel reinforcement.

The family of the insulated overhead door PANEL, is enriched with new versions, destined mainly for the residential shipbuilding market. They are made with the traditional pillar of 6-8-12 cm, are coated with an insulated panel of 2,5 cm of thickness. The metal parts are always painted with polyester powders for maximum resistance to atmospheric agents. The painting of the panel, outer and inner, is performed by spraying by means of a special anti-corrosion treatment. All ral colours of the bribe De Nardi are available, both standard and special.

Energy certification

PANEL-energy saving

Ministry of economic development, with decree of 26 January 2010 - art. 1, clause 1, letter c), it establish that the “extendable and assimilated closures, that delimit the building to outside or to unheated rooms”, can take advantage of the tax deduction, now stands at 65%, if they respect certain thermal transmittance values.

Overhead and sectional doors belong to the category “extendable and assimilated closures”, with the necessary condintion that they separate heated rooms (garage or other) from the outside or from other unheated local.

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Treviso Tecnologia - (CERT)